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One of the main activities of the project is lesser spotted eagle nest site inventories. We plan to find 500 new nest locations during the four project fieldwork seasons. According to Latvian legistlation, small protected areas - microreserves - should be established for protection of these nests.

Microreserve is a small territory that is established to protect and conserve the territories where endangered species or habitats have been found. These territories are protected by the state. In microreserves it is prohibited or restricted to carry out activities that endanger the existence of the rare species or habitats, for example forestry and land drainage, also it is not allowed to use motorised vehicles. 

The main principle of microreserve 


Microreserve can be characterised as the precise nature conservation --  it protects exactly what needs to be protected. The microreserves are established based on the “island principle” - only the territory that is significant for the lesser spotted eagle is marked as protected. Around it a buffer zone is established. In buffer zone there are seasonal restrictions of economical activities. 

What is the process of micro reserve establishment?


Microreserve can be initiated by any physical or legal person, also by land owner by submitting a written proposal to the responsible state institution: 

  • Nature Conservation agency designates microreserves outside forest lands, in nature reserves and national parks; 
  • State Forest service designates microreserves in forest lands outside nature reserves and national parks. 

How I will know that a microreserve is proposed on my property?


Microreserves are not established without knowledge of the owner. The responsible state institution informs land owners about the initiated microreserve. The land owner or user can express their suggestions and opinion about the proposed microreserve. The decision about the establishment of the microreserve and its territory is made on the basis of expert opinion and taking into account the opinion of the owner. 

How large can be a microreserve?


The territory of microreserve can be 5-30 ha large. 

What is not allowed in a microreserve? 


Acticities that could endager or destroy the protected species or its habitat are not allowed in a microreserve. In lesser spotted eagle microreserves it is prohibited: 

  • to carry out forestry activities;
  • to build diches and roads (reconstruction is possible with a permission from Nature Conservation agency and on the basis of expert opinion); 
  • periodical maintenance of roads from 1 February-31 July;
  • establishment and use of hunting towers and hunting from 1 February-31 July.

From 1 August until 31 January it is allowed to carry wood from felling areas in other forest territories if other routes are not possible. This applies to microreserves formed for protection of endangered species nesting in forests. 

It is prohibited to cut wood, carry wood and mechanically cultivate the soil in the buffer areas from 1 March to 31 July. 



It is allowed to cut spruces damaged by pests if that is in accordance with State Forestry service sanitary opinion, as well as to remove sapless or fallen trees in amount of 10 m3 each year since 1 October to 31 March. To carry out these activities in lesser spotted eagle microreserves that are located in special protected nature areas it is necessary to obtain also written permission from Nature Conservation agency. 



Owners who own the land where a microreserve is formed, are entitled to receive an annual compensation for lost income. The amount of the compensation depends on the type of restrictions posed upon the economical activities in the microreserve. 

  • If a microreserve is formed in your forest land that is situated in Natura 2000 territory or outside Natura 2000 territory and is larger than 1 ha, the compensation is paid from EU funding and administred by State Land Service. Read more. 
  • If a microreserve that is formed in your forest land is outside Natura 2000 territry and is smaller than 1 ha, the compensation is granted by State Conservation agency. Read more. 


latvian Legislation related to compensations 



Report a Lesser spotted eagle nest in your property

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