Our work

E.1. Regional seminars for stakeholders of forestry and farming sector. Action implemented by LOB. Completed

The aim of the project was to organise at least 20 regional seminars all over Latvia for information and education on Lesser spotted eagle conservation issues for stakeholders, working with forestry, farming and nature protection issues. 

At the beginning of 2021 there had been 10 seminars for forest owners. Due to COVID restrictions seminars for farmers have not been organised. It is planned to orgenise them until September 2021.  


E.2. Booklet and poster "Lesser Spotted Eagle". Action implemented by LFN. Completed


Poster (in Latvian) is available here. 

Booklet (in Latvian) is available here. 

E.3. Documentary about Lesser Spotted eagle. Action carried out by "RUCKA" Completed

Project partner RUCKA (formerly ELM Media) has produced a documentary about Lesser spotted eagle species, ecology and protection issues. The film was launched in May 2021 in streaming service LMT Straume, LMT Viedtelevīzija. It will be also distributed to schools, municipalities, nature conservation organisation etc. 

There have been produced and published several short videos about different aspects of lesser spotted eagle protection. The videos are available on website www.mazaiserglis.lv and in the YouTube channel of Latvian Fund for Nature. 

A short educational video about lesser spotted eagle friendly agriculture and forestry has been produced and distributed via social media and on website www.mazaiserglis.lv, as well as YouTube channel of Latvian Fund for Nature.

E.5. Project's webpage. Action carried out by LNF. Completed

This webpage was launched on June 2017 in Latvian and English and is updated on regular basis. 

E.7. Setting up information boards. Action implemented by LNF. Completed

Three information boards will be set up in Nature park “Kuja” and two ir Natura 2000 site “Lubāna mitrājs”.