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Territory restoration works in Nature park "Kuja"

One of the territories of the project "Conservation Arrangements for Lesser Spotted Eagle in Latvia" is Nature park "Kuja". This is a place where the highest density of nesting Lesser spotted eagles in the world has been recorded - 33 pairs per 100 square kilometers. In order to enlarge the territories suitable for Lesser spotted eagle it is planned to restore 30 ha of meadows and to ensure their management in future. Currently the experts have identified the best territories for restoration and the practical works have already begun. 

This summer in Kuja the territories were prepared for removal of bushes and smaller trees. The grassland and habitat experts explored the territories and marked the trees that should not be removed, also cooperated with land owners and service providers that would carry out the bush cutting. This process requirres a very precise understanding of the expected final result. In autumn and winter when the overgrowth will be removed, the territorries will become suitable for lesser spotted eagle feeding already in the next nesting season. Also vegetation monitoring areas have been established and vegetation monitoring has been carried out. It is necessary to evaluate the suceess of restoration and the efficiency of the activities. 

Grassland restoration coordinator Maija Rozenfelde: 

As of now I am really excited that we have selected for restoration grasslands that are not simply overgrown, but also territories with old, strong trees hidden in small birches and bushes – in future they will enrich the landscape and serve as obervation points for Lesser spotted eagle.